Aglaonema nitidum fo. curtisii

(N.E. Br.) Nicolson 1967

It was originally described by N.E. Brown in 1897 as A. oblongifolium.
This plant is native to Sumatra and the south of the Malay Peninsula.

The leaf blades are 25-30 cm long, the inflorescences are short and thick.
The abaxial surface of the leaves is entirely green
photo (1-8) © Marek Argent, Palmiarnia Poznań, Poland 2011

Tropicos: Aglaonema nitidum + curtisii
CATE Araceae: Aglaonema nitidum f. curtisii
Photomazza: Aglaonema nitidum f. curtisii
The IAS: Aglaonema nitidum
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