Alocasia odora

(Roxb. 1832) K. Koch 1854

I've made a special page for my plant.
I tried to cultivate it in the garden from spring to autumn, like Colocasia esculenta.

My plant wasn't as big as the one in the palm house, it was about 1m.
On the 20 th of May I planted it into the ground.
It was 80 cm tall
It lost all of their leaves
and started to put new ones, more stiff.
One of the leaves was not peltate.
Not a revelation, 90 cm and four leaves


That year it stayed at home,
It reached 150 cm of height.
The petiole was 95 cm, blade 60 cm.
In 2004 I planted also 3 offsets to the ground,
the largest was 50 cm tall. How big will they be next year?
The next year the leaves were 70x50 cm,
but another year it put up smaller ones again.

It should be grown outdoors every summer
to reach reasonable dimensions.
My plant bloomed for the first time in March 2006. The inflorescence wasn't big, but it smelt pleasantly like nothing else I knew.

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