Alocasia odora

(Roxb. 1832) K. Koch 1854

One of the biggest Alocasias. The mature plant is about 3.5 m tall.
It is often mistaken as A. macrorrhizos which has not peltate leaves and a different inflorescence.

These photos were taken
in Palmiarnia, Zielona Góra, Poland.
The inflorescence was about 20 cm tall,
so you can imagine the size of the leaves.
Close ups of an inflorescence. Palmiarnia Zielona Góra, Poland; photo (1-8) © Marek Argent
A plant blooming at home. Photos (1-2) © Bernat Garrigós.
An infructescence ripening at home, photo (1-12) © Wojciech Maksymilian Szymański

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