Alocasia reginula

A. Hay 1998

This is a small, about 30 cm tall species. The leaves are almost black and velvety.
It has been in cultivation for a long time, it was found in the wild
very recently on the Tabin limestones in E Sabah (Malaysia).
Commonly used names - 'Blackie', 'Black Velvet' & 'Ninja'.

Botanic Garden PAN, Warsaw, Poland, photo © Bartosz T. Zalewski, 2005
These 2 photos I got from © Ian Chung. He got the plant as Alocasia 'Ninja',
they show the same species, a juvenile plant.
A blooming plant producing two inflorescences; photos (1-10) © Horpyna
Photos above and below left: Kwietnik, © Paweł Słomczyński
The bottom of the leaves is purple-brown,
but when there's not enough light it is green.
An inflorescence.
Kwietnik, photo © Paweł Słomczyński
Photo © Grow Exotics

The IAS: Alocasia reginula
Lester Kallus: Alocasia reginula
Tropicos: Alocasia reginula
CATE Araceae: Alocasia reginula
Krzysztof Kozminski: Alocasia reginula
Asianflora: Alocasia reginula
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