Alocasia wentii

Engl. & K. Krause 1916

A medium size species. It grows moderately slowly and blooms rarely.

Palmiarnia Zielona Góra, Poland, 2011.
A shapely specimen in a shop.
The stem is coated with dried petiole remnants.
It is about 4 cm thick after removing the fibers.
When repotting I found some offsets below the ground level.
They put up leaves sometimes even after a few years
In the beginning it grows slowly.
The sinus between the posterior lobes.
A blooming plant; photos (1-3) © Anna Modrzewska-Siczek
The inflorescence right after opening,
and at the male anthesis.
My plant in 2001, as I bought it, was 45 cm tall, and two years later
it was 60 cm tall. In the beginning of 2004 it was 80 cm tall.
The leaf blades in 2001, were about 20 cm long, in 2003 - 31-38 cm.
The petioles are green,
sometimes with a brownish tint.
photo © Bloemenbureau Holland.

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