Amorphophallus albus #1

P.Y. Liu & J.F. Chen 1984

This species is native to the province Sichuan in China.

An inflorescence - close up; photo © Bartosz T. Zalewski


The tuber bought in Spring 2006 was 1 cm in diameter
and it still was linked to the mother plant.
It moved in the middle of May,
and I had to protect it from my kitty
who loves to eat some aroids' leaves.
The plant was 25 cm tall and about 20 cm in diameter.


The tuber.
6 May 2007. 31 cm of height.
22 cm in diameter.
The petiole pattern.


In 2008 the plant put a leaf from the offset.
The bud emerging from the main tuber quickly dried and it produced no leaf.


This is the main tuber from the previous year
It was so dry that I thought it died,
but in February 2009 it surprised me with a new bud.
The tuber's diameter was only 27 mm.
The leaf from the last year produced
a new juicy tuber, 35 mm of diameter.
The smaller leaf grew from the old tuber, the larger from the new one. It was 41 cm tall, 31 cm wide. The petiole was 27 cm tall.
Top view.
The spotted petiole of the larger leaf.
The tuber with many offsets after the season. It was about 45 mm in diameter.
In the right photo you can see the remnants of the last year tuber. Many aroids produce a new tuber every year.


In 2010 I made a mistake not detaching the offsets form the main tuber.
The plant produced 4 leaves, but smaller than a year ago.
The span of the largest leaf was 30 cm, the petiole was 24 cm tall and 5 mm thick.

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