Amorphophallus albus #2

P.Y. Liu & J.F. Chen 1984

This plant differs from my Am. albus #1 in almost yellow petioles,
less distinct petiole pattern and deeper cut leaves.
Besides it usually wakes up a little later.


The tuber I got (scale in cm)
The petiole pattern
It was 22 cm tall
and 26 cm in diameter.


In 2008 it was larger and it put a second leaf from an offset.


The petioles are almost yellow, with a very few spots.
The tips of the leaflets are long and sharp.
Venation of a leaf.
The tuber after the season.


In 2010 it was 35 cm tall, the leaf span was 40 cm, the petiole height 26 cm.
After the season the tuber was 43 mm in diameter.

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