Amorphophallus konjac

K. Koch ex Matsum. & Hayata 1906

I've got one small tuber in the autumn of 2001.


This tuber was about 2 cm in diameter.
It was the last week of May and it didn't take off yet.
After taking these two unsuccesful photos I put it into a pot.
A month later it looked so.
It was 25 cm tall.
Top view of the leaf.
About 28 cm in diameter.
The petiole's patterning.
The tuber was 4 cm in the end of the season
and it produced three 1.5 cm offsets.

Just like the previous year,
it emerged in the beginning of June.
In a sunny place it grew
27 cm of height and the leaf's diameter
reached 31 cm.
All the three small tubers put up leaves.
After the season the tuber was
5.5 cm in diameter and had many offsets.

That year the biggest plant didn't grow much. It was 28 cm tall and 32 cm in diameter.
14 plants grew from the previous year's tubers.
From now I won't count them because I began to sell them.


It moved on the first day of July
The largest plant was 40 cm tall.

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