Amorphophallus napalensis

(Wall.) Bogner & Mayo 1985

It is native to Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

In 2010 I bought a tuber, it was 75 mm in diameter, 53 mm tall and it weighed 134g.
It started to grow in the beginning of June.
At the end of the month the leaf was already big, but it was still growing.
The lower and the upper part of the petiole.
The upper and the lower surface of the leaf.
The final dimensions were: height: 115 cm, span 69 cm, petiole 82 cm.
It was growing at home, if it was outdoors, the petiole would be shorter.
The plant on the left was my largest Amorphophallus konjac.
After the season the tuber was a little smaller than when I got it.
It was 70 mm in diameter, 50 mm tall and it weighed 129g. (75/53/134 before the leaf).

In 2011 I planted my Amorphophallus tubers in the garden, a few rainy cold days came in June and the tuber rot.
That summer killed also my largest A. konjac tuber, a newly bought Arisaema utile and a half of Arisaema speciosum tubers.

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