Amorphophallus titanum

Beccari 1834

The largest inflorescence in the world (not counting Agave which blooms only once). Native to Sumatra.

Photos (1-16) taken by various photographers
in Rejang Land, south west Sumatra highland, Indonesia.
published by kind permission of Tun Jang.
photos (1-11) © Zeren
The inflorescence is about 2 m tall and it blooms only three days.
photo (1-2) © David Attenborough
The interior of the spadix.
An insect from the Hymenoptera order
can be seen among the female flowers.
Maybe it's the one who pollinates the flowers?
photo © Neil Lucas
The infructescence, more than 2 m tall,
The leaves are giant, too.
An adult leaf may be to 6 m tall.
You can see the petioles on the right of the photo
and a young leaf behind these people.
photo © James Symon
A. titanum blooming in a botanic garden
photo © Ogrody 2004/02

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