Anthurium cabrerense

Engl. 1905

Ten gatunek należy do sekcji Calomystrium.
Pochodzi z Kolumbii. Podobny do niego jest A. caramantae.

photo (1-2) © Taylor Holzer
foto (1-2) © Marcus Nadruz, 2009
Denis Rotolante napisał dnia 2009-09-11:
This black spathed anthurium is not an A. watermaliense.
The spathe is too broad and the spadix is curved in a relaxed sort of way.
This is perhaps the famous 'Black Anthurium', a member of the Calomystrium Group with the andraeanum types.
It originates high in the cloud forests of the Andes Mountains in Colombia
and does not do well in sub tropical & tropical sea level environments.
It will hybridize with other Calomystrium types if you can get it to grow in your greenhouse and flower.

Tropicos: Anthurium cabrerense
CATE Araceae: Anthurium cabrerense
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