Anthurium cutflowers

These cultivars originating in A. andreanum, A. amnicola, A. nymphaeifolium and other species from the section Calomystrium
have spathes more than 12, even to 20 cm long, their leaves are also very big (40-60 cm of bladelength).

If anyone knows the names of the unknown cvars, send a message to me (please specify a number).
Incredible leaf-shaped giant spathes (probably the cultivar 'Jupiter').
Kwietnik 1999/12, photo © Pawel Slomczynski
'Tropical' (spathe 12-14 cm)
Close-up of the spadix.
Similar to 'Fantasia', but not white (no. 3) (spathe 12-14 cm).
Kwietnik 1999/12
'Premier' (spathe 14-17 cm)
'Pistache' (spathe 14-16 cm)
Kwietnik 2002/08, photo © Anthura
'Simba' (spathe 14-17 cm)
'Trinidad' (spathe 14-17 cm)
(spathe 10 cm) (anth big 8)
'Safari' (spathe 10-12 cm)
'Rapido' (spathe 10-12 cm)
'Laguna' (spathe 14-16 cm)
photo © Bloemenbureau Holland
'Midori' (spathe 16-20 cm) - below better photos
photo © Bloemenbureau Holland
'Choco' (spathe 15-17 cm)
photo © Bloemenbureau Holland
'Calisto' (15-17 cm, it's darker than in this photo)
'Rosa' (spathe 14-16 cm)
'Maxima Elegancia' (spathe 10-12 cm)
(spathe 12-14 cm) (anth big 12)
(spathe 12-15 cm) (anth big 13)
(spathe 10 cm) (anth big 14)
'Acropolis' (spathe 12-14 cm)
'Maxima Verde' (spathe 10-13 cm). The producer's name is 'Máxima Verde',
but the rules of nomenclature don't allow using other letters than these from the Latin alphabet.
'Baron' (spathe 18-20 cm)
'Midori' (spathe 20 cm)
'Midori' (spathe 20 cm)
'Feska' (spathe 20 cm)
'Feska' (spathe 20 cm)
If anyone knows the names of the unknown cvars, send a message (please specify a number).

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