Anthurium magnificum

Linden 1865

This species belongs to the section Cardiolonchium. It has velvety decorative leaves.
The inflorescences are green, infructescences purple.

The plant as I got it in June 2006 from a botanic garden.
These 2 photos were taken half a year later.
The petioles are quadriangular in cross-section, and slightly winged
what makes it different from a similar species A. crystallinum, which has round petioles.
The stem and aerial roots.
New leaves are brown, small and shiny. Like other species of Anthurium they grow after unfolding.
The underside of the leaves is pale green.
The geniculum.
photos above © Marek Argent
photos (1-2) © Helmut Reisenberger
An adult plant with an inflorescence.
The spadix.
The infructescence.
Seedlings. photos (1-11) © Marián Úradník
The IAS: Anthurium magnificum
Exotic Rainforest: Anthurium magnificum
Tropicos: Anthurium magnificum
CATE Araceae: Anthurium magnificum
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