Anthurium scandens var. latifolium

K. Krause 1932

This natural variety of A. scandens comes from the Central and South America.
It belongs to the section Tetraspermium and in the wild it is a climbing plant.

That's why the variety name latifolium - the leaves are more broad than in the species A. scandens
Comparing to the other species of Anthurium,
its inflorescence is very tiny - spadix 2.5 cm, spathe 2 cm.
In December of 2004 it started to make 3 fruits.
It had to be self-pollinated, because any other Anthurium didn't bloom at home.
There were 2 seeds in each fruits.
This plant was a few years old, about 80 cm tall without the pot.
It blooms all the year, producing one inflorescence per node (together with a leaf).
Often it sets fruits.
Sometimes "pornographic" like this one.
photos in this page © Marek Argent

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