Arisaema aff. serratum

(Thunb. 1794) Schott 1832 (Arisaema serratum)

The abbreviation "aff." (affine) means "related".
It is used by botanists when the species is not described yet and it's similar to one of the known.
It belongs to the section Pedatisecta.

In 2004 I got 1 seed. Scale in mm.
It germinated in May 2005.
My plants in 2006 and 2007. In the second year of its life it already produced an offset.
In 2009 it put leaves up earlier, in the beginning of March, usually it did it in May.
When I planted the pot in the garden in the end of March, one cold night killed the leaves, but the tubers survived.

Roy Herold: A. serratum
Tropicos: Arisaema serratum
CATE: Araceae: Arisaema serratum
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