Arisaema amurense (green form)

Maxim. 1859

This plant's leaves have 5 leaflets and there's always a single leaf. It is about 30 cm tall.
It belongs to the section Pedatisecta.

In garden in blooms in the middle of May.
Don't be deceived - the other leaf grew from another tuber.
The tubers.
The inflorescence grows out of the gap
in the petiole.
The upper part of the inflorescence.
The spathe has a very short apex.
This one had only male flowers.
Next years also only male inflorescences. This one was inhabited by a small snail.
In 2004 it had both male and female inflorescences.
My plants in 2005


Inside of the inflorescence I found 2 gnats, do they pollinate it?
That year it grew giant, it was 40 cm tall.
It started to form an infructescence.
It gradually began to turn red
The inflorescences ripen on the ground.
That year only one fruit ripened, the rest were empty.


In 2007 the infructescence was much larger and full of seeds.
In 2008 I had many new plants from these seeds.

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