Arisaema concinnum

Schott 1859

It is native to the Himalayas and it belongs to the section Sinarisaema.
Sometimes you can find different spelling: concinum.

A specimen from China.
A specimen from India.
photos (1-4) © Daniel Devor
photo (1-4) © Wiktor Synoracki

my plant

My plant in 2006, the second year after the germination.
The same specimen in 2007.
Plants in 2009. Many of my Arisaema plants very quickly divide instead of growing in size and blooming.
The tubers after the season 2009.
In 2010 at last it began really to grow.
The leaf from the largest tuber was about 18 cm tall
and it was divided into 9 leaflets.
I left two small tubers in the ground for winter.
In 2011 the leaf was similar size as a year ago,
but the blades were broader.
These plants grew from the tubers left in the ground.

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