Arisaema flavum

(Forssk. 1775) Schott 1860

This species has yellow spathes and is about 30 cm tall. It belongs to the section Dochafa.
It is distributed from Afghanistan to the central China, found also in the eastern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

I've got some seeds in 2002.
A month later: the seedlings.
A leaf grown next year.
In 2004 it bloomed.
The inflorescence is one of the smallest, only 2-3 cm tall. This species has bisexual inflorescences.
A mature plant has 2 leaves.
A leaf consists of 7-13 leaflets.
A pollinated inflorescence.
Forming of an infructescence.
A ripening infructescence is hanging down to the ground.
It ripens on the ground disconnected from the plant, which is going dormant.
The fruits are carried away by insects.
Fresh seeds collected from one infructescence.
And the new seedlings.

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