Arisaema sikokianum

Franch. & Sav. 1879

This species belongs to the section Pedatisecta. It is native to Japan and the East of China.


In Spring of 2010 I bought a tuber, it was 31 mm in diameter.
The awakening. Photos taken on 8th and 12th May.
On the 15th May the top of the spathe and two leaves appeared.
21st May, the spathe before the opening.
23rd may, the inflorescence fully open.
Some photos on a shady day, 25th May.
A spider was walking up and down the inflorescence.
It rather wasn't pollinating the flowers, but it waited for visiting insects.
The inflorescence was female.
An adult plant produces 2 leaves from one tuber, each of them consists usually of 5 leaflets.
There were none of male flowers of A. sikokianum, but the flowers became pollinated.
In the same time a closely related A. amurense bloomed near.
The ripening infructescence in September and October.
The same infructescence in November and December. It ripened at home.
There were 1-3 seeds in one fruit, about 2.5 mm
I sowed them, but... I really don't know what I did to the pot where they were sown.
The only thing that remained was to beg the good Earth for a female inflorescence next year.
The diameter of the tuber increased to 37 mm (from 31).

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