Arisaema triphyllum

(L.) Schott 1832

This species is native to the eastern states of the North America.
It belongs to the section Pedatisecta and it is one of the few American Arisaema species.
The spathe colours are variable from pale green to dark brown striped.

I bought in on an auction in 2009.
The tuber was 14 mm in diameter and it was preparing to bloom.
Together with the inflorescence it produced a leaf.
From such a small tuber the inflorescence could be only male.
The backlighted spathe.
I planted it in the garden at the end of March.
The leaf grown at home died in one night
and the tuber didn't produce any new one in that year.
The diameter of the tuber reduced to 10 mm
because it spent a lot of substance stored within
to produce the inflorescence and the leaf
didn't live enough long to feed the tuber back.

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