Arum italicum type 2

Miller 1768

This is a form/variety/subspecies? with lighter fields on the leaves. The veins are green.

photos (1-6) © Stavros Apostolou, taken in Greece.
A specimen with entirely green leaves; photo © Bernhard Strolka


The rhizome in October
It started to grow in the middle of November.
It survived the winter in zone 6b/7a with one leaf.


In 2009 I bought it as Arum maculatum, later I bought another one as Arum italicum.
Both of them are the identical, the photos taken in 2010 show both specimens.
The new bought one woke up in April. It grew in a shady place.
The old one in April looked so. It grew in a sunny place.
This is the new one. The last leaf was plain green, without the lighter fields.


In 2011 both plants grew in the same place and they woke up in February.

older photos 2001-02

This plant died one winter, its leaves looked more narrow and longer.

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