Arum italicum 'Marmoratum'


This is a stable cultivar when propagated vegetatively.
The leaf venation is very distinct. Its synonym is Arum italicum 'Pictum'.

A. italicum 'Marmoratum' - a young plant.
In the first years I was taking it home for winter.
Photos above and left taken in the winter 2002/03
In 2007 I decided to leave it in the garden for winter.
The December was relatively warm and it woke up in the end of January.
So it looked in the spring of 2008, it had many leaves, but it did not bloom.
Next winter it also stayed in the ground.
This photo shows how it looked after -25°C (-16°F) frost in January 2009.
It survived that winter and put new leaves next spring.
Usually it wakes up in autumn, but in some years it started to grow in March.
9 years of cultivation and it has never bloomed so far.

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