Dieffenbachia 'Tropic Snow'


I tried to create something like a bonsai from this plant.
Have you ever seen a monocot bonsai? Although I could use a smaller cultivar.

I began in 2004 as after cutting it produced
2 stems from the dormant buds.
In 2005 it looked so.
After the first cut in 2005.
It is important to know where the dormant buds are to make the plant produce new stems in the desired direction.
The plant in 2007 and the next cut.
2008, the plant and the stems before cutting.
After the 2008 cut.
The spring of 2009.
The roots were very short but thick.
The plant in autumn of 2009.
The spring of 2010. It started to bend and lean towards light though it was growing on a southern window.
Not always it produced stems from where I wanted to.
The 2010 cut.
Sleeping buds.
The plant in 2011 before and after the next cut.
In 2012 one of the stems broke. It became too heavy.
The plant was still growing, although it was deformed.
photos in this page © Marek Argent

Dave's Garden: Dieffenbachia 'Tropic Snow'
Philippe Faucon: Desert-Tropicals D. 'Alfredo' (looks identically)
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