Hook. f. ex Engl. 1879
 published in: 
 Monographiae Phanerogamarum 2: 208. 
 distribution:  Central & South-Eastern Africa  map:
 subfamily:  Zamioculcadoideae tribe:  Zamioculcadeae 
 no. of species:  5  cultivars:  not known
 chromosome count: 2n=34, 68  
 morphology:  tuberous or rhizomatous geophytes, seasonally dormant,
 leaf solitary, annual, geniculate, trisect divided into numerous leaflets,
 flowers unisexual, with perianth of 4 tepals. 


The IAS: Gonatopus
Tropicos: Gonatopus
CATE Araceae: Gonatopus
David Scherberich: Gonatopus
Wikipedia: Gonatopus
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