Homalomena pendula

(Blume) Bakh.f. 1957

A large species, about 1 m tall.
In trade available at least from 2002 named 'Perma Press' or differently.

I bought this plant in 2002
It was 40-45 cm tall (without a pot).
The petioles were brown.
Also new leaves came out red-brownish.
The biggest leaf was 25 cm long.
The bottom side was green.
Younger leaves were however
smaller and heart-shaped.
This is a photo of 'Queen of Hearts' cultivar
from Bloemenbureau Holland.
It was scanned from a very small photo
and it's possible that's a variety of this species.
In my home, in 2004 the plant was 60 cm tall,
the petioles became purple, and new leaves more red.


In 2007 the plant was 115 cm of height with the leaf blades 30-35 cm long.
And it started to produce first offsets.
In October of 2007 it bloomed for the first time. Each of the plant had 4 inflorescences.


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