L. 1753
 published in: 
 Species Plantarum 2: 970971. 1753. 
 distribution:  worldwide except Antarctica
 and some Atlantic and Pacific islands 
 subfamily:  Lemnoideae tribe:  Lemneae
 no. of species:  13  cultivars:  not known
 chromosome count: 2n=20, 30, 36, 40, 42, 44, 50, 60, 63, 64, 70, 80, 84, 126  
 morphology:  free floating freshwater plants 
 consisting of fronds and one root (no leaves) 
 one flower with one pistil and two stamens 
 (sometimes regarded as one female flower and two male)
 similar genera:  Spirodela, Wolffia, Landoltia 


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