Schott 1857
 published in: 
 Oesterreichisches Botanisches Wochenblatt 7: 34. 1857. 
 distribution:  Myanmar, South China, Malaysia, Vietnam  map:
 subfamily:  Aroideae tribe:  Colocasieae 
 no. of species:  1  cultivars:  1 or more
 chromosome count: 2n=?  
 morphology:  rhizomatous geophytes, evergreen,
 leaf blade cordate and peltate, flowers unisexual 
 varia:  described as Caladium in 1823, in 1857 moved to Leucocasia
 in 1893 to Colocasia, in 2012 back to Leucocasia


Tropicos: Leucocasia
CATE Araceae: Leucocasia
The IAS: Leucocasia
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