Monstera deliciosa

Liebm. 1849

Everybody knows the monster with leaves more than 0.5 m in diameter.
It comes from Mexico and Guatemala.

Adult plants in botanic gardens; photos (1-2) © Bartosz T. Zalewski
(1) CZRB PAN Warsaw, (2) - Botanic Garden Wroclaw, Poland
From inflorescences to infructescenes; photo (1-6) © Taylor Holzer
foto (1-3) © Marcus Nadruz
It blooms rarely at home, but as I see in these photos it does.
photos: top left © Jerzy Mankowski, Kwietnik 2000/2; top right © Kwietnik 2003/3, unknown photographer
bottom left © Wleslaw Gawrys, Kwietnik 2000/2; bottom right © Pawel Slomczynski, Kwietnik 2003/3

An inflorescence
and an immature infructescence.

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