Schott 1857
 published in: 
 Oesterreichisches Botanisches Wochenblatt 7: 406. 1857. 
 distribution:  Equatorial western Africa  map:
 subfamily:  Aroideae tribe:  Nephthytideae 
 no. of species:  5+1 in Asia  cultivars:  not known 
 chromosome count: 2n=40, 60  
 rhizomatous geophytes, evergreen, sometimes dormant 
 leaves cordate to sagittate, posterior lobes long 
 higher order venation reticulate
 submarginal collective vein distinct 
 flowers unisexual without perigone, 
 fruits large, orange, one seed in a fruit 
 similar genera: Anchomanes, Cercestis, Callopsis


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