Unit Converter

In many websites about plants & horticulture you can find other than the used in Europe
scales of temperature, length, wegth or volume - Fahrenheit's degrees, inches, pounds and gallons.
This simple script will help to convert units from one system to the other.
Just type a value in the right window below and click anywhere in the page (out of the window).

Fahrenheit (°F):

Celsius (°C):

Inch (in):

Centimeter (cm):

Foot (ft):

Meter (m):

Pound (lb):

Kilogram (kg):

Gallon (gal):

Liter (l):

Hectar (ha):


Thanks to the authors of the site owadozerne.pl for sharing the script.

page created on 2007-04-13
last updated on 2007-04-13