Pinellia ternata

(Thunb.) Breitenb. 1879

This species is native to China and Japan. It is about 15-20 cm tall (30-40 with inflorescence).

I got a few tubers in June of 2002 and planted them in the garden. It looked so in 2005
Blooming plants in 2007.
There are often black spots on the leaves.
Close ups of the inflorescence. The male zone is adnate to the spathe.
Infructescence. There is one seed in each fruit.
During one season it produces 1-3 leaves.
The plant propagates mainly vegatatively by tubercles on the petioles and sometimes even on the top of the leaves.
photos in this page © Marek Argent

The IAS: Pinellia ternata
Tropicos: Pinellia ternata
CATE Araceae: Pinellia ternata
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