Pinellia ternata var. atropurpurea

Makino 1901

When I had got this plant, for a long time I hadn't known what species it was, until it bloomed.


It differs a lot from the green blooming P. ternata.
The leaflets are lanceolate. In the IAS page it is named "lanceolate leaf form".
Only the tubercles on the petioles betrayed that it was Pinellia
In the summer it was planted in the garden and it put up new leaves.


In 2008 there were already a few tubers in the pot, but I still kept them in the fridge in winters.
After the season 2009 I had more than 15 tubers, the largest was 15 mm in diameter.
Then I could leave some small tubers in the ground, to check if they survive.


At the end of May the leaves emerged both from the tubers in the ground and these stored at home.
In the second week of June the first inflorescence apperared.
The second adult tuber bloomed 3 days later.
The first inflorescence in 2011.
Photos of the same inflorescence taken without and with flashlight.
View of the actual flowers.
An infructescence.

The IAS: Pinellia ternata
Tropicos: Pinellia ternata
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