Rooting leaflets

I successfully managed to propagate this way only Zamioculcas zamiifolia.
I read that some people do the same on a closely related Gonatopus and even on Amorphophallus.
I think there can be more plants able to multiply this way, but it's very difficult.

First I prepared a substrate - flower soil mixed with sand and I broke a few leaflets from an adult plant. (2007-08).
I put each leaflet into a powder that accelerates creating roots and kills pathogenetic organisms.
Then I put the leflets into the substrate and watered.
To preserve high humidity it should stay in a foil bag or a covered aquarium.
It should be watered too, the soil must be always wet.
Half a year later - all the leaflets seemed dead. (2008-01).
The withering leaflets transferred all their life force in order to create tubers.
After 15 months from the beginning I saw the first emerging leaf from one of the new tubers. (2008-11).
A month later (2008-12) the first green leaf blade appeared.
After 2 years (2009-07) the new leaves consisted of 2 leaflets.
In spring of 2010 new leaves were 20-30 cm tall with many leaflets.

I tried to do the same with Anthurium scandens var. latifolium, but it failed.
Possibly that's why they are leaves, not leaflets and it is not a tuberous plant.
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