Rhaphidophora korthalsii

Schott 1863

It is native to Thailand and Malaysia.
This plant is an example of heteroblasty - juvenile leaves are different than the adult ones.
The adult leaves are pinnatipartite and very large.

The juvenile leaves are small, entire-bladed and they are closely adherent to the tree.
When the plant climbs up the tree, it receives more light and the new leaves grow larger and pinnate.
The same you can observe in many species of Monstera and Epipremnum pinnatum
photos (1-4) © Bartosz T. Zalewski, Botanic Garden Wroclaw, 2005

The IAS: Rhaphidophora korthalsii
Tropicos: Rhaphidophora korthalsii
CATE Araceae: Rhaphidophora korthalsii
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