Sauromatum horsfieldii

Miq. 1856

It is native to Southern China, Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and Java.
The spathe exterior colour may be green, yellow, olive or brown.


In 2007 I got a few tubers
They were so small that they looked like seeds.
The leaves are slightly velvety.
The largest plant was 26 cm tall with the leaf 11 cm of diameter.
At the end of the season some tubers put up second leaves.
And the plant looked slightly chaotic.


In 2008 it bloomed.
It was 21 cm tall, and the inflorescence was 10 cm from the ground.
It stinked terribly, but only from dawn to noon.
The IAS: Sauromatum horsfieldii
Alan Galloway: Sauromatum horsfieldii
Tropicos: Sauromatum horsfieldii
CATE Araceae: Sauromatum horsfieldii
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