Sauromatum venosum

(Dryand. ex Aiton) Kunth 1841

It is also known as S. guttatum and S. pedatum. It grows wild in the Central Asia.
In horticulture it resists temperatures to -5°C. It blooms in spring without soil and watering before leafing.

The tuber with a bud is about 8 cm in diameter.
A cut-open inflorescence.
Inflorescences: On the left photo with an adult Amorphophallus konjac.
On the right one it's withering after 3 days of blooming.
photo (1) © Adam Pietrzykowski, Kwietnik; photo (2) © Kwietnik
Male flowers.
Female flowers and pistillodes above them.
After withering of the inflorescence the leaf emerges from cataphylls.
It's unfolding...
The palmatisect leaf has 9-13 leaflets.
This one stayed in a pot.
Venation of the leaf.
The petiole pattern.
Sauromatum venosum in my garden.
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