Spathiphyllum #1

This is not a cultivar yet, a single plant is not a cultivar. It grew from my 'Gemini' adult plant.

In 2007 I divided it from the mother plant,
it rooted well and started to grow normally.
A few months later it bloomed only once.
The leaves changed its colour from white/green to pale green/green,
but they returned to white after some time.
Growing in full Sun the leaf blades were about 20 cm long,
they became burnt and I had to put the plant in a more shady place.
In winter I almost killed it by overwatering,
it lost all leaves and the roots were rotting.
Fortunately it recovered, but the new leaves were no longer than 14 cm with petioles
and often they didn't open fully. And so it looked growing on a window.
Sometimes it produced all-white leaves which withered quickly.
In 2010 I moved it into my florarium, it began to produce larger leaves again.
After some time it was putting up more white leaves, leading to total lack of chlorophyll.
In February 2010 it died of losing the possibility of assimilation.
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