Spathiphyllum wallisii

Regel 1877

Is it or is not a pure species. I don't mind. S. wallisii looks accurately like this.
It was found in Columbia and sent to botanic gardens. Never again it's been found growing wild.

The first inflorescences were insignificant, about 5 cm in height.
The first nice bloom.
And then a totally malformed one.
Closeup of the inlorescence.
It is about 8 cm tall.
The rear side. Lowest lateral veins
depart at angle lesser than 90°.
Once it bloomed with two spathes.
In the end the spathe always turns green.
The mature infructescence with seeds.
The seeds of Spathiphyllum.
The 6 month seedlings.
And again a double spathe.
I see it blooms thus when the conditions are bad.
Philippe Faucon's Desert-Tropicals S. wallisii
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