Taccarum weddellianum

Brongn. ex Schott 1857

This tuberous aroid is native to Brasil.
In 2005 I got one small tuber.

The tuber was 2.5 cm in diameter.
The leaf was 15 cm tall with the blade 8x9 cm.
After full sprout, it was 12 cm in diameter.
The plant put up an new leaf.


The tuber divided into 3, but the smallest one died.
In the middle of February the leaf started to unfold.
The leaf was about 18 cm in diameter.
The petiole.
In October the plant put one more leaf, larger than the previous one.


The next leaf it put up in July of 2007, it was 36 cm tall and 19 in diameter.


The tuber was still 25 mm in diameter.
The leaf size was similar as in 2007.


Before the season 2009 I knew it would divide, the main part was 32 mm in diameter and more than 40 of total length.
The leaf was 25 cm tall and 24 cm wide.
The petiole was darker and thicker every year.
Every time it puts up a small leaf it means that the tuber divides.


The main tuber was 36 mm, the small one 16 mm in diameter.
The leaf was 45 cm tall, 27 cm wide on the petiole 39 cm.


During the last season it grew to 45 mm and it weighed 32g.
In spite of this the plant was much smaller - 20 cm tall,
petiole 17.5 cm, leaf length 23.5 cm.


In 2012 it grew much larger, the petiole was 53 cm tall, the leaf 36 cm long and 32 cm wide.
After the season the tuber was 47 mm in diameter and it weighed 42 g.
The petiole was so long because that year it was growing in a northern window, in previous years in southern.

Tropicos: Taccarum weddellianum
CATE Araceae: Taccarum weddellianum
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